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Grow Your Jewellery Business Easier & Faster with OttoplatGems® Lab-Created Gems

  • Join the Fastest-growing Category in the Jewellery Market
    The Bain report pegs the lab-grown diamond market’s growth between 15 to 20% in 2019, and given that traditional jewellers have only recently begun to sell lab-grown gemstones, their market share in the jewellery industry is only going to grow and grow fast.
  • Get Continual Supply of High Colour Quality Multicoloured Gems
    The experts behind OttoplatGems® are committed to helping the jewellery industry gain better control of gem sourcing by offering the highest-quality lab-grown gems. Lab-grown gemstones are real gems; they have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as their mined counterparts and are every bit as spectacular.
  • Gain Popularity among Jewellery Lovers across the World
    At only a fraction of the cost of mined gemstones, OttoplatGems® created gems are priced according to carat and this pricing policy eliminates ALL unpredictable factors such as colour grading, purity, clarity and lustre. Fashionistas and jewellery lovers who cherish creativity and originality are now em-powered to own more pieces without breaking the bank.
  • Cleaner and Bigger
    With the availability of cleaner and bigger gemstones at an affordable price, your customers will love to commission you to make statement pieces.
  • Colombian Green
    Green is the colour of life, peace and harmony. Emerald symbolises growth, energy, and fertility. Its rarity makes it a popular option for engagement rings.