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Ottoplat Gems & Mining

We are highly specialized,
hands-on and globally experienced.

At Ottoplat Gems & Mining, Our goal is to work closely with our clients, to effect quality outcome in the Geology and Exploration Industry as well as providing High Quality Gemstones.

About Ottoplat Gems & Mining

Founder: Bernard T Otto P.Geo

We are the leading mining technical services provider, consisting of professionals specialising in geology, mining engineering (Surface and Underground), geotechnical engineering, mine ventilation and operational management.

We are also committed to helping the jewellery industry gain better control of gem sourcing by offering the highest-quality lab-grown gems. Lab-grown gemstones are real gems; they have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as their mined counterparts and are every bit as spectacular.
Our employees are our greatest strength. In the face of today's challenges, the skills and commitment of Ottoplat Gems & Mining employees are the energy that drives the company forward in every corner of the world.


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At Ottoplat Gems & Mining

We offer Transparent Pricing, High Quality Gemstones and On-Time Delivery Services to:

  • Global Jewellery Brands
    If you want to develop an eco-conscious jewellery line, our high colour quality gems will give you the confidence to embrace the market.
  • International Fashion Brands
    Add extra lustre to your eyewear, watches, bags, shoes and accessories with lab-grown gems of higher quality and at a good price.
  • Manufacturers of Fine Jewellery
    If serving a wider market is on your agenda, our gems will give your jewels the same lustre and optical properties as natural gemstones.
  • Fine Jewellery Designer
    If you feel your creativity is limited by the exorbitant prices of high-quality natural gemstones, our gems allow you to try out more varieties at the same budget.
  • Gemstone Dealers
    Scale to the eco-conscious consumer segment by providing sustainable jewellery. The quality of our lab-grown gems will surely delight your customers.
  • Eco-conscious Consumers
    If you love to shine and feel beautiful while protecting our natural environment, our lab-grown gems are something that deserves your attention.
  • Fashionistas of All Ages
    If you love stunning jewellery and accessories, don’t miss the OttoplatGems® fine jewellery collection. We can also connect you with the most qualified designers.